More small fixes

Adding message to the application
We completed the add message to application feature.

Stripe error handling 
When our Internet connection got cut today we realized that we were not handling Stripe connection errors. We now provide users with an understandable error message if this should occur.

Bio to developer profile
The developer can add a small bio (200 characters) to their profile that will be showed together with the rest of their profile information when they apply for a job.

Personal note
Developer can now add a personal note to each sent application.


Small fixes

Are you sure?
Today we added a feature that asks the users if they are sure before deleting their accounts.

Delete customer
When deleting a company we are now also deleting them from our list of customers in Stripe.

Add message
The developer can now add an optional message when applying for a post. The message will have a character limit that we will implement tomorrow.


Happy monday!

You have mail
The day started really well! We received a huge package from the Rails Girls Summer of Code team in Berlin. It contained all sorts of cool stuff from our sponsors: T-shirts, laptop sleeves, pens, stickers, sweets, notepads, sunflower seeds, shower caps, you name it! We were like two little girls opening lots of presents 😀 Thank you so much to our organizers and sponsors!


As people are starting to show more interest in trying out our project we took some time updating the README in our repository with instructions on how to install and run our application locally.

Organizing forms
As we were using a lot of the same forms in different places, and with different JavaScripts we decided to clean it up a bit. We divided our forms into partials. Now our code is much more reusable and we only have one script file to manage the form input.

Eye opener

Today we fixed the bug that @frodsan made us aware of yesterday. Now we are saving this information in our encrypted session instead of sending it as hidden value in our form. This really made us think about what kind of information we expose on the client side and because of this we have been making some adjustments to validate that the information we get from our forms is correct.

We are really happy with how the application is growing and can’t believe all that we learned so far!



Time to talk!

RubyConf Argentina…here we come!
We will be speaking at RubyConf Argentina in November. We spent some time putting together a bio to be displayed on their website.

Google Places Autocomplete
We added a parameter to restrict the autocomplete list to display only cities. We also added a parameter to only show results in English.

Giant bug!
@frodsan made us aware that there is a bug in our code. The way developers sign up now gives them the possibility to register without a GitHub account, which of course is not supposed to happen! Jano, one of our super coaches helped us come up with a solution that we will implement tomorrow.


Stripe day 2

Wanna keep posting?
If the company runs out of posts they can now buy more without filling in their payment information again.

The following days we’ll keep adding new Stripe features to our app.

Busy Friday

Today we read through the “How to get started” documentation for Stripe (our payment platform). We created our own custom form to allow companies to sign up and pay in one step. After the implementation we spent some time testing that everything works the way it should. We were surprised of how easy it was to implement. Stripe provides really great documentation!

Still there’s a lot of work remaining on this feature, but we feel we are on the right track. On Monday Mayn will be moving to a new apartment, so we’ll resume on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Today we spent all day adding AJAX to our sites functionality. We also replaced links like delete and edit posts with font awesome icons to make our app more beautiful! 🙂

Remember you can always check how we are doing in our GitHub repository !

Our favorite job!

It turned out we were not done with the input tokens after all. Today changed the script/style a little and the tokens are now added to the input search field instead of being listed above. We also added the ability to delete tokens using backspace.

Favorites.js and style
Yesterday we started implementing the possibility to add a post as a favorite by clicking a little heart icon. The icon is light grey by default, but changes to red when you add it to your favorites list. For displaying our heart icon we are using Font Awesome that makes it easy to change the style of the icon instead of using image files. Font Awesome is free, open source and can be found here.

Refactoring favorite feature
We already had the possibility to favorite without being logged in, but with the changes to our implementation we had to refactor our code a little.

Bye bye JQuery!

Implementing inputTokens
Today we finished with our inputTokens (at least for now), all the main functionality is there so it was time to implement it into our application. You can see the final version of out tool here. Feel free to use it as you please! 🙂

Applying and favoriting
Our next big task is to implement AJAX in the process of applying or selecting a post as a favorite. We want the user to be able to apply for posts without reloading the page.