Happy monday!

You have mail
The day started really well! We received a huge package from the Rails Girls Summer of Code team in Berlin. It contained all sorts of cool stuff from our sponsors: T-shirts, laptop sleeves, pens, stickers, sweets, notepads, sunflower seeds, shower caps, you name it! We were like two little girls opening lots of presents 😀 Thank you so much to our organizers and sponsors!


As people are starting to show more interest in trying out our project we took some time updating the README in our repository with instructions on how to install and run our application locally.

Organizing forms
As we were using a lot of the same forms in different places, and with different JavaScripts we decided to clean it up a bit. We divided our forms into partials. Now our code is much more reusable and we only have one script file to manage the form input.


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