Thank you StarTechConf!

Yesterday we got back from a great conference experience! Besides the educational part with many inspiring speakers we also got to meet the awesome developers community here in South America with lots of cool and interesting people!

We also held a lightning talk where we spoke about the Rails Girls Summer of Code and our project.



We are going to Chile!

StarTech Conf
Tomorrow the Punchgirls are flying to Santiago de Chile to participate in one of the most important conferences of Latin America. We are super excited about the possibility to meet and listen to lots of amazing and knowledgeable people! We’ll also be giving a lightning talk about the Rails Girls Summer of Code program on Friday. ย 

We’ll be tweeting about our conference experience while we’re there. Be sure to say hi if you’re there! ๐Ÿ™‚

In Buenos Aires summer is just getting started and so are we!

We just realized today that our summer of code officially ended on Friday, but for us this is not the end, but the start of our new tech careers. We will continue working on our project and we’ll keep updating our blog frequently. We are working hard on implementing the design for our Job Board and we’ll be presenting it at RubyConf Argentina. We’re very excited about it!

We want to congratulate all the other teams for working so hard throughout the summer! And thank you to all the sponsors that made this possible! We hope you have enjoyed participating as much as we have and that we will be able to give back to the community in the future ๐Ÿ™‚

Remember that this is not a goodbye so keep visiting our blog and check out our GitHub repository to accompany us in our progress!

Implementing design

More mockups
We made mockups for more of our pages and got feedback from our coaches that they are happy with our design.

Mobile first
Towards the end of the day we started implementing our design a little. Since we want our site to be responsive we started adding the design for mobile phones.

Finding the designer within

Today we have been making mockups for the search result page and the developer dashboard. None of us have any design background but it’s fun to play around with what we want our application to look like. Cecilia is already a pretty experienced user of Inkscape, so while she is drawing Mayn is pointing and saying stuff like “more left!”, “closer to that other thing!” etc. We’ll be working on making mockups for all our views before moving on to the implementation of our design.

The interview!

Stripe module
We finished the work on the Stripe module. Now all the Stripe actions needed are in a separate file so we don’t have to repeat the same code over and over.

We are getting very close to starting on the design for our job board. Today we played around a bit with what we want it to look like.

Surprise revealed!ย 
On Thursday we got interviewed by @poteland and @cuerbot from @surculusfructum. The interview was published this morning and you can listen to it here: Surculus Fructumย (Note: It’s all in Spanish)

It was a relaxed talk and a fun experience for us. Thank you Bruno and Pablo! ๐Ÿ™‚

It comes with the job….

Frustrating refactoring
Today we wanted to put the communication with Stripe in a separate module to clean up our code a bit. It proved to be more difficult than we imagined. Not only the refactoring, but we also discovered a bug we haven’t been able to fix yet.

Surprise surprise
Today we also had a fun experience that we will tell you more about in a few days! ๐Ÿ™‚

More small fixes

Adding message to the application
We completed the add message to application feature.

Stripe error handlingย 
When our Internet connection got cut today we realized that we were not handling Stripe connection errors. We now provide users with an understandable error message if this should occur.

Bio to developer profile
The developer can add a small bio (200 characters) to their profile that will be showed together with the rest of their profile information when they apply for a job.

Personal note
Developer can now add a personal note to each sent application.

Small fixes

Are you sure?
Today we added a feature that asks the users if they are sure before deleting their accounts.

Delete customer
When deleting a company we are now also deleting them from our list of customers in Stripe.

Add message
The developer can now add an optional message when applying for a post. The message will have a character limit that we will implement tomorrow.


Happy monday!

You have mail
The day started really well! We received a huge package from the Rails Girls Summer of Code team in Berlin. It contained all sorts of cool stuff from our sponsors: T-shirts, laptop sleeves, pens, stickers, sweets, notepads, sunflower seeds, shower caps, you name it! We were like two little girls opening lots of presents ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you so much to our organizers and sponsors!


As people are starting to show more interest in trying out our project we took some time updating the README in our repository with instructions on how to install and run our application locally.

Organizing forms
As we were using a lot of the same forms in different places, and with different JavaScripts we decided to clean it up a bit. We divided our forms into partials. Now our code is much more reusable and we only have one script file to manage the form input.