Busy Friday

Today we read through the “How to get started” documentation for Stripe (our payment platform). We created our own custom form to allow companies to sign up and pay in one step. After the implementation we spent some time testing that everything works the way it should. We were surprised of how easy it was to implement. Stripe provides really great documentation!

Still there’s a lot of work remaining on this feature, but we feel we are on the right track. On Monday Mayn will be moving to a new apartment, so we’ll resume on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Today we spent all day adding AJAX to our sites functionality. We also replaced links like delete and edit posts with font awesome icons to make our app more beautiful! πŸ™‚

Remember you can always check how we are doing in our GitHub repository !

Our favorite job!

It turned out we were not done with the input tokens after all. Today changed the script/style a little and the tokens are now added to the input search field instead of being listed above. We also added the ability to delete tokens using backspace.

Favorites.js and style
Yesterday we started implementing the possibility to add a post as a favorite by clicking a little heart icon. The icon is light grey by default, but changes to red when you add it to your favorites list. For displaying our heart icon we are using Font Awesome that makes it easy to change the style of the icon instead of using image files. Font Awesome is free, open source and can be found here.

Refactoring favorite feature
We already had the possibility to favorite without being logged in, but with the changes to our implementation we had to refactor our code a little.

Bye bye JQuery!

Implementing inputTokens
Today we finished with our inputTokens (at least for now), all the main functionality is there so it was time to implement it into our application. You can see the final version of out tool here. Feel free to use it as you please! πŸ™‚

Applying and favoriting
Our next big task is to implement AJAX in the process of applying or selecting a post as a favorite. We want the user to be able to apply for posts without reloading the page.

Punch made input tokens


Today we have been working on our input tokens. We are now able to provide an auto complete list from a list of skills and show it as a drop down. The user can navigate up and down the list using the arrow keys and select items by clicking on them or pressing Enter. The selected skills get added to a list of tokens which are sent with the form on submit.

We can’t believe all we learned this week about JavaScript! πŸ™‚


JavaScript input tokens

After going through some JavaScript and AJAX tutorials, we decided to remove all jQuery from our app and create our very own JavaScript input tokens/autocomplete feature. This is more compatible with our “less is more” philosophy. As this is our first real project we want to make everything from scratch and be able to answer for every line of our code we add to our application. This side project is of course open source and our progress can be viewed here. JavaScript is a new world for us and we’ll be working on this for a few days! πŸ™‚

JavaScript, Oh JavaScript…

Study day
We want our application to respond to user interaction, and for that we need JavaScript. Since none of us are JavaScript gurus (yet) we’ll be dedicating a couple of days to study and learn the basics while implementing features along the way.

More exciting stuff happening tomorrow! πŸ™‚

The development continues!

Back at last
Today we started where we left off when Cecilia got sick last week. We finished the implementation of searching by location. Now you can easily find a job that matches your skills and specify where in the world you want to work, or if you prefer to work remotely.

We rewrote the tests to include search for location and remote jobs.


Decisions taking place

Google Place Autocomplete
After doing some research about how to add the location for every post, our coach @djanowski suggested us to check out the Google API for place searches.Β It was pretty simple to implement beside some details we still want to change.Β Now posts… Do have their location!

September in Buenos Aires is very eclectic and with the abrupt changes of temperatures Cecilia got a little sick. She’s taking the day off tomorrow to recover herself a bit. We’ll be back on Thursday.

Have a nice day! πŸ™‚


Summer of code at last…

Location database
We have started collecting and organizing information for our location database. The idea is that developers will be able to search for positions in the areas they are interested in, in addition to skills.

We added an admin dashboard that gives administrators access to see all registered users, posts, applications, etc. and make changes to them.

First day of spring
After almost 2 months of winter coding, spring finally arrived here in Buenos Aires! We were celebrating by coding at our favorite outdoor cafΓ© in our t-shirts! πŸ™‚