Developer: You’ve got an e-mail!

Contacting applicants
When companies find the right candidate, they’ll click on the “Contact” button and will be able to write a short message to be sent to the developer they’re interested in. To add this feature we use the Malone gem that was very easy to implement!

Developers get e-emails
They can now receive e-mails from companies that want to contact them and start their communication via e-mails from that moment on.

We added a Scrivener model to validate the information sent to the developers by the companies.

Testing, always testing…
It’s part of our routine now: We test everything after adding new features to our app.

We’re very happy with our progress! We have now completed the MVP (minimal viable product) of our app 🙂

The features in our app so far:

  • Companies can register for an account and post job offers.
  • Developers can log in via GitHub and see a listing of all available jobs.
  • Developers can apply to a job by clicking the “Apply” button next to the job post.
  •  Companies can see a listing of all applicants for a position. Each application contains the application’s date and the name and GitHub URL of the applicant.
  • Companies can contact the developers they are interested in by clicking on the “Contact” button and filling out a contact form that will be sent to the developers by e-mail.

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