The end of an exciting week!

Listing skills
We added a list of skills to every post and they are now being listed so that developers can clearly see the requirements for the job.

The searching continues
We have resolved the problem of how to add skill tags to each post and make them searchable. On Monday we will implement our solution. We can’t wait to see this important feature in action!

We wish for a great weekend to all you geeks out there! πŸ™‚


The day after “The Talk”

Local Ruby Meetup
We had the chance to give a talk in the local Ruby meetup which took place in Buenos Aires yesterday. It was a very nice experience, we felt comfortable and very well treated by our -now- colleagues! πŸ™‚

We explained everything about our project and the Rails Girls Summer of Code campaign. Our ‘audience’ seemed very interested in what the project was about and how we were facing it. It was a very positive experience and now we feel more confident about giving other future talks.

You can see the slides from our presentation here.

Back to business
After the “talk experience” we went right back to our app. The first things we did was updating our repo documentation so anyone who’s interested in trying out our project on their computers have all they need to run it!

The Search Engine Era has just begun
We started working on the searching related features our application will need:
– Companies will add skill keywords from a list when they post a job offer.
– Developers will be able to search for jobs applying a filter with keywords.

Remember, you can always head to our GitHub repo to see how our project is doing. πŸ™‚

New features

Reset password
Now companies don’t have to worry about forgetting their passwords because they can reset them after receiving an e-mail with instructions.

Testing never ends
As usual, after adding a new feature to our app, we test it to make sure everything works as expected.

How many applicants applied?
Companies can now see in their dashboards the number of applicants for every job post.

Extending the expiration date for posts
When posts are about to expire, companies can click on “Extend expiration date”, so they’ll make sure the job stays listed.

Our presentation
We spent some time preparing our very first presentation.
Tomorrow we’ll be talking at the Ruby local meetup (@rubyargentina) where we’ll show everything regarding our project and the Rails Girls Summer of Code program.

Be sure to stop by if you are in Buenos Aires! πŸ™‚


We are adding notification details. Now when companies or developers go to ‘Edit profile’ and don’t change anything it won’t appear the message of ‘Successful changes made’, instead they’ll be redirected to the dashboard or profile pages.

Password length validations
We added a length validation for passwords. When companies signup or modify their profiles, they’ll need to set a password longer than 8 characters for security sake.

Separating messages
Now all mailing messages are saved into a separate folder so they aren’t mixed up with the routes code.

Forgot Password?
We started working on this feature and we’ll keep working on it tomorrow.

On Wednesday we’ll be giving a short talk at the local Ruby meetup, so tomorrow we’ll take a little while to prepare our project presentation.

Have a great week everyone! πŸ™‚


End of week 5

Delete account feature completed
We finished implementing the deletion of accounts for both companies and developers. If a company removes its profile developers will receive a notification if he/she applied or favorited any of the company posts.

Add gravatar
The developer profile now includes the user gravatar that will be displayed together with their application.

Past week
This week was a brain twister and we learned a lot! The last couple of days we had to become truly aware of how the database works and how everything is connected to best run through the deletions of accounts.

Next week we will start adding new main features. First up are the search filters for finding relevant posts. We are looking forward to new challenges!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Data integrity matters

No posts? No applicants? No favorites?
Now when there aren’t any posts, applicants or favorites a message will inform about it on the different pages.

Deleting company account
It took much longer than we thought because we also had to think about deleting the job offers, applications, favorites and every reference to the company posts to avoid inconsistency in the database. The challenge was making the process as efficient as possible. We still have some improvements to do, but now a Company can delete its account.

Things to get done

We started the day by fixing a number of things we had on our -always growing- to-do list. Amongst them were fixing the listing of posts on company dashboard, a little bit of styling and changing the character limit for company posts.

We continued with the tests we always do after adding changes to our app.Β Today we wrote the tests for the developer favorites posts and applications features that we added last week.

When companies remove a post or an applicant an e-mail is sent to the developer and the company to inform about those actions.

Company favorites
When an applicant is an interesting candidate for a company it can be marked as a favorite to contact later.

Now we are really focused on finishing all the functionality of the application before moving on to the styling of our project. πŸ™‚

The first month is almost gone…

My favorites
We completed the Favorite post feature. Now a developer can click on Favorite and save a post to apply later.

My applications
We added a page to display the list of applications made by a developer.

Delete application
Now a developer can remove an application whenever needed.

Small holiday
In Argentina there are now some official holidays coming up. We also have some paperwork and studying to do on Tuesday next week. We will therefore return on Wednesday. Those two weeks of pre work we did before the official start of the project are now paying off.

We feel confident about our progress so far and our coaches have been very helpful and great motivators! πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend everyone!Β 

Some design and fixes

We continued with our suggestion for the design and are now getting feedback from our coaches.

Still fixing
Now the expiration date of a post is displayed to developers and companies.

At the end of the day we started adding the Favorite feature that allows the developer to save a post to a list of jobs to apply for later. We’ll keep working on this tomorrow! πŸ™‚

Working on details

Specifying error messages
We added more specific feedback to the company user when signing up for our service.

Expiration date
Now posts will not be displayed after the 30 day expiration date.

Our app is still not looking beautiful, but we want to change that so today we started working a little on our design.