We’re back!

Winter of Code
It’s called the Summer of Code, but here in Buenos Aires we’re in the middle of winter,  and with that…colds are all around. Thankfully today we’re back in business!

Remote working
One of us is now in the Big Apple and therefore we’re getting some practice on how to work remotely. Our conclusion after day one is that communication is the key! Since we’re used to work sitting next to each other all the time, it was a little weird not being able to see what the other one was doing at first. But with the use of IRC and Codassium it all worked out fine 🙂

Testing developer login
Today’s testing was a little different than what we’ve been doing until now. In the case of testing our GitHub login for developers we had to fake the responses from GH. It took some thinking, but with the help of our always so helpful coaches we made it work at the end!


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