Ready, steady, code!

Today we officially started our summer of code. Things we achieved today are the following:

Catching up
After three weeks of being apart we spent a little time getting up to date on each other’s lives, but we couldn’t wait any longer to start our project!

Reviewing our plan
We dedicated the 2 weeks after applying for RGSoC to plan our project. First order of the day was to review these plans including mockups to decide were to start.

GitHub Authentication/Login
We studied what we will need for our app’s GitHub login feature. Cecilia has made a sample login app that can be viewed here.

GitHub repository
We created our GitHub repository and experimented a little with doing push/pull requests to syncronize our work.

GN is a gem that uses a plan (template application) to easily generate a Cuba app. The plan we used creates a minimal structure that will serve as a foundation for our Job Board. Those of you who want to know how to use gn to set up a Cuba app can check out these instructions.

GS We are going to be managing our gems using the gs gem that allows us to install most of the gems required in our project inside the project folder and not locally. GS makes it very easy for us to look through the code of every gem to find out how things work.

Talking with the masters
After going through our basic app, we asked our coaches lots of questions to understand everything that goes on.

Commited what we have so far to our GitHub repository.

We are so happy to be on our way! 🙂


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