Welcome to our blog!


From the left: Mayn and Cecilia

Punchgirls is formed by Mayn Ektvedt Kjær and Cecilia Rivero, both living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We found each other through a tweet just days before the registration closed, and now we’re one of the lucky teams chosen to participate in the Rails Girls Summer of Code 2013! We came up with the name for our team after reading this article about female programmers in the old days.

Our summer of code will officially start on July 18th, but we’re already spending every day together in Ruby bootcamp with our coaches.

We’ll be developing a web application from scratch using Ruby, Cuba and Redis. Our web app will be an open source job board with GitHub integration. It will allow job searchers to apply for a job with one simple click, without needing to complete forms to register their CVs. It will also allow employers to look through the applicant’s GitHub account to see what kind of project they’re part of, and how they write their code. We hope that this solution will not only provide a social service but also serve as an example of how to use technologies like Redis and Cuba, and integrate them with other platforms.

We’re lucky enough to have massive support in our local community! In addition to our three coaches @soveran@djanowski and @inkel, we have been contacted by lots of local developers excited about the project and offering their help.

We can’t wait to get started on our application! Happy summer of code to everyone! 🙂


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